Just like last year, together with Kerani Music, I made a soundscape for the Water and Sculpture Garden in Kasteeltuinen Arcen. This time I took my poem ‘We’ as a starting point. The sentences of ‘We’ are spoken by Huub Stapel, Baer Traa, my mother Gert (almost 90 Deo volente) and my ‘Gegaeve Zinne’ friends Marion Vervoort and Geert van den Munckhof. The spoken words sound in combination with piano and synthesizer sounds and the beautiful trumpet playing of Eric Vloeimans. My solo piano composition ‘Prayer for Peace’ has a central place in the soundscape. I wrote it last year on the Monday of Carnival when, with the invasion of Ukraine in the background, the celebrations suddenly stopped due to the news of the death of Guus Janssen on Lambertusplein in Horst. A prayer for peace here, there and everywhere.