Falco (2016)

“On his first solo CD Egbert Derix had assistance from Marillion singer Steve Hogarth, Fish and saxophonist John Helliwell (Supertramp). However his instrumental album Falco is piano only without fuss. The starting point is the Austrian pop star Falco, but apart from a subdued version of ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ this double album is an auditory stream of consciousness which tickles the collective subconscious. Derix, known from the Searing Quartet and his work with Iain Matthews leads us , with sometimes  Keith Jarrett-like improvisations , through twenty-five pieces with evocative titles like ‘Magda Sehlig’ (a character from his book ‘De Muze brengt mij’) ‘Lied van de twee bomen’ (inspired by a poem by French Budé) or Glenndorado (a tribute to friend and fellow pianist Glenn Corneille who died in 2005).  After listening you have the feeling like being awakened from a dream. A titillating experience.”.Jazzism, Marcel Haerkens

“Pianist Egbert Derix since the beginning of this century often comes with surprising projects. He produced an album with Marillion songs and there was a great project with the British folk rock icon Iain Matthews, who happened live in the same Limburg town (Horst) as Egbert. And now there is Falco, a double album withsolo  piano about the lives and works of the eponymous Austrian musician who died at the age of forty in a car accident. Falco’s biggest hit “Rock Me Amadeus” is not missing on Egbert’s album, though I didn’t recognize it until I saw the title. Because the piano is the only instrument this album remains a unity.  Derix’ pretty and subdued playing makes a deep impression. The atmosphere regularly reminds me of one of the most legendary piano albums: The Köln Concert by Keith Jarrett. A bigger compliment for me is barely conceivable.” Bram Visser, Music Maker

Abe Perlstein
“Egbert Derix’s new 2-CD set, “Falco”, affords a Zen-like antidote to our often stressful world. Fluid phrasings, gentle conviction, and superb recordings make these series of lush piano improvisations ideal for meditation, yoga, taking stock of one’s thoughts, and oddly enough provide a calming presence when stuck in heavy traffic.”
Abe Perlstein, Host, Tuesday Lunch, KEBF-FM, 87.3 The Rock, Estero Bay Community Radio, Morro Bay, California

Poet among jazz pianists
“Egbert Derix is a poet among the (jazz) pianists. A productive and creative composer who dares to take risks. He proves this with his new album consisting of two CDs, titled Falco I and II. A solo project! With this album Egbert Derix offers CD holders a house concert. This Falco is surprising! It appears in the opening song ‘Domani’ here that Derix wants to stay in the shadow of Erik Satie. Just when you think, ‘That can not be true? ‘ The Limburger pulls open another register. The pianist is like a falcon throwing itself on prey. His composition  ‘Lied van de twee bomen’ is a waltz. ‘The space between my thoughts’  sounds like Einaudi has supplied the melody. ‘Journey for two’ seems equally inspired by Keith Jarrett. ‘A path’ makes you imagine you’re on a quest led by the firm touché of Derix. There is jazz, and there are meditative pieces. Egbert Derix is a great contemporary improvising pianist and composer. Music needs no words, but Derix tells his story also in the booklet. Of that tamed falcon that is trained by humans and that hunts its prey. However, the inspiration for the first solo album by the pianist is not the bird. It is the Austrian musician and poet Hans Hölzel (1957-1998) who gained fame as ‘Falco’. And the man who mixed several languages in his poems. Derix also does so  in the titles of his compositions as ‘A letter to Paul Bley’, ‘Eine tolle Sache’, ‘J’entend ton coeur’ and ‘De draaglijke lichtheid’.” Klaas Koopman, Pianowereld, October 2016

“Those who, like me, only know Falco from his co-written hits by the brothers Bolland like Rock Me Amadeus and Jeanny and ignore him for the same reasons, will probably be surprised that the Limburg keyboardist Egbert Derix dedicated his first CD of solo piano pieces to this Austrian pop hero. According to the booklet in this double CD there is a lot more to tell about when the as Hans Hölzel born singer, musician and poet. And it is much more logical that he served as a role model. Derix we know until now mainly of his jazz combo Searing Quartet and his beautiful duo albums with singer-songwriter Iain Matthews. Now he’s going to expose himself on a long solo album, in which in 26 long and short compositions (ranging in length from two to ten minutes) has to keep the attention of the listener  with just piano. He succeeds wonderfully , even in a genre that in recent years has produced many old masters as well as new talents. Derix is a masterful pianist with a very nice touch and an excellent composer whose pieces are almost always lyrical, compelling and memorable. From the first to the last minute he effortlessly holds the attention of the listener firmly and never becomes inaccessible or trite. Derix can compete pianisticly and compositional with illustrious colleagues such as Nils Frahm, Duston O’Hallocan and Jóhann Jóhannson.”Heaven, October 2016, Pieter Wijnstekers
Dagblad De Limburger
“For his cd Paintings in Minor Lila from four years ago, pianist Egbert Derix was inspired by the not very jazzy work of the rock band Marillion. His first solo album, a double album, he dedicated to the artist Falco. The title track is a tribute to the Austrian and there is an interpretation of Rock Me Amadeus on this new Derix cd. Derix dare to admire without shame. On this album he also nods to Erik Satie, Paul Bley, his piano teacher Irv Rochlin, friend and classmate Glenn Corneille and his deceased father (whose poems he put to music)  Derix also plays shamelessly. Opener Domani (named after the Venlo stage? ) immediately evokes associations with the most intimate and vulnerable work of Bill Evans. Derix also turns himself inside out.” Paul van der Steen, Dagblad De Limburger